Aug 27, 2013

Err.... IndiGo's new party video - 6e boys 6e girls

Click red button above to watch


  1. they also DANCE in cockpit at cruise along with cabin crew using i-pad..........

  2. And they must be underpaid if they wear uniforms for parties !! No money to buy party clothes!!??

  3. What a mockery of uniform. Gone are the days when heads would turn in admiration when pilots and crew walked past. Now its just giggles and badmouthing. And this video is an example what lead to the degradation.

    If Bhatia approved this being a businessman, better sense should have prevailed with the management pilots. even AG. Only shows what level these businessmen would stoop to for their benefit. And how far we as uniform bearers have come. NO DIGNITY.

  4. I think this is really cool... The beat is quite catchy... Good going guys.

    Haters gonna hate!