Nov 30, 2012

Smart Air India New York - New Delhi flight review on a Boeing 777

Air India flight 102 takes off from New York's JFK at 15:00 but this particular flight was delayed by 45 mins. The duration of this flight is appox 14:30 hours. The timing of this flight is great as it lands in New Delhi at 15:00...perfect for any connecting flights you may have. JFK in general is a very busy airport so expect delays anyways. The good news on JFK is that it's seldom closed down for snow (winters) unlike Chicago!

Once airborn you are fed at regular intervals (three meals) and there is plenty of snacks and free soft drinks etc laid out for you to munch on. In this video, I document all the good and bad aspects of Air India.

One more aspects I liked was - The price of Air India flights are great a deal.
Sure it does not have the entertainment compared to Emirates; the fancy airports of say a British Airways or the spick and span service of a Singapore Airlines...but in my opinion, Air India has the best value flight - great service for the price you pay.

I will get into more into the entire trip - which was Cleveland - Charlotte - LaGuardia - JFK - Delhi - Kolkata in my new episode of Long Haul Flight series.

Enjoy this flying experience on Air India and if you have any questions, feel free to email me



  1. thank you from all of us at Air India to RO for filming and broadcasting this and flightdeck(Tarun)... a bouquet for a change is such a welcome and motivating... for us who get nothing but brickbats all the time both from internal and external customers....A big thank you

  2. It seems to be a good effort to provide an eye wash to the ground realities....Air India is far far behind of what has been pictured perfect by this blog...Indian will love to fly a better Air India rather than depending upon this perhaps doctored view point. JB

    1. Anonymous19 July, 2016

      I don't agree. After watching this video, I flew Chicago to New Delhi non-stop by Air India. It was a good experience. The meals, seat configuration, comfort, water bottles for every passenger, and the foot rest in economy seats.

      I am a Delta medallion member, and have flown with British, Virgin, Emirates, f** United, Turkish, and Lufthansa. I can say that Air India's non-stop flights work the best for me.

  3. Air India is really improving these days. All the flights have improved facilities and amenities. Flying experience is just awesome.

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  9. I have travelled New Delhi to J f k New York and back three times by Air India and my experience was very good each time. Direct flights were on time .Staff was very polite and helpful and seats comfortable. 3 meals were great and I enjoyed Indian Vegetarian food . Very cost effective too.

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