Sep 29, 2012

On an IndiGo flight, pilot: "Welcome aboard Kingfisher."

With the AirIndia crew that flew me into chicago!!love them 


Ye tab ki baat hai when Rupee had its spine against a $ . Look at the prices! [Zeenat in a vintage ad of Air India]

Duuude! USB charging onboard the AirIndia Dreamliner ... goes looks for a regular charging station.

MK Condemns Rajapakse's visit to India, But Kalanidhi Maran's #SpiceJet flags off its daily service to Colombo from Madurai. :))

Husband is being made to indemnify spicejet against damage to the unborn child on flight.I didn't know pregnant women lacked legal capacity.

Read in Indigo on flight menu: all meat is certified halal. Now why ?

On an Indigo flight to Delhi, pilot: "welcome aboard Kingfisher...." Priceless!

#Indigo airline air hostess wig is part of #ontime delivery, takes 2 mins to wear the wig vs 15 to dress up

Just saw a sleepy @indigoairline pilot & co pilot walk up the wrong flight & walk down rubbing their eyes.There's always room fr human error

Missing indigo. Kingfisher has overbooked its flight #sick need some air


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