Sep 11, 2012


Unfortunately between ordering and delivery of these Boeing 787 Dreamliner
planes there is one thing thats gone missing - Centaur on top of the Air India
Nariman Point building in Mumbai

In the past Air India's headquarters above.

Source : top pic from boeing advt in newspapers today
second pic :


  1. isn't it ironical that Air India PR has chosen mumbai landscape as background, when it has no plans to fly that side any time soon.

  2. When we first got married & moved to our apt in Bandra, one could see the blue Centaur rotate atop the AI HQ. Thing of the past, i guess.....I believe they have ditched this eye-catching emblem, along with the classical panels that graced the first B747s that JRD Tata had ordered. Its so sad to see this once proud carrier that we all at one time wished to work for reduced to level of a cattle class carrier.

  3. The Centaur symbol was replaced by the Sun. A "Setting Sun" prior to the demise of AI. New National Airline symbol will be "Pacman"